? Being the First!

June 30, 2021

Being The First!

The hardest part of starting anything new and different is being the first. Often, being the first means being considered novel, unusual, or even disruptive when introducing an idea or program into an industry or sector. This can be a challenge and result in misunderstandings or skepticism.

OnRamp, in its launch, carried some of these misperceptions. It set out to be a destination for Startups, Early Founders, and Entrepreneurs to participate in a formal community that would assist them with access to resources, networks, and curated programming. However, what we were able to produce and get in return was a community of Founders who collectively came together, connected, and supported each other through Listening, Learning, and Leveraging resources for common objectives. This has created a more economically inclusive and vibrant regional Startup community that will result in greater business success for all.

I am proud to have had this opportunity to be a part of this journey with you and be the Science Center’s first “Founder-In-Residence.” This inaugural cohort has left a positive impression on everyone and an indelible footprint by which future cohorts will be measured. Your vigorous participation and active engagement have produced program results beyond our expectations.

The OnRamp team wants to thank Cohort One for its cooperation, participation, and commitment to its successful launch.

Thom Webster