? Why Your Words are So Important

June 23, 2021

Going To Market

As entrepreneurs who create and deliver products or services, we spend a great deal of time thinking about how we create—but often not enough time on how we “go to market”.

Let’s start with the words we choose. Our words not only communicate information about what we do, but tell “Our Story” of who we are.

We must be cognizant of how our language affects our market and how customers respond to it. As discussed in our Branding and Marketing workshop, words are important because they suggest key underlining messaging like Reliability, Trust, and Dependability.

To leverage our words successfully, we must spend time thinking about how we want to be perceived by our market, customers  and users. Sounds complicated!? Not really, but only if we find ways to listen.

We can achieve active listening in many ways including using some of these free and available tools: Census Data, CPI, Pew Research Center, McKinsey, Google Trends, and BLS. These resources help us to achieve insights into understanding what is important to our customers and then apply what we have learned to maximize our “go to market” strategy.

Thom Webster