? Why you should prioritize your hiring plan

June 9, 2021

Finding The Right People

Specific skills are important not only for your Startup to grow, but to also be sustainable if you ever want to scale it up. Understanding the exact skills your business requires — and how to identify the necessary talent to onboard — can be a determining factor for business success.

Setbacks in finding the right people for the right role are costly, especially for a small team. The recruitment process wastes valuable time that is needed in other areas of the organization, but on the other hand, not having talent that isn’t a good fit can create headaches, impede performance and stall business acceleration. These are hold-ups that no Startup can afford, especially in its early stage — and as you grow, you might find yourself facing mounting personnel problems, employee contamination, and declining morale.

These kinds of uncomfortable truths reveal why it’s so important to make it a priority to layout your hiring plan from inception. This way, you can be proactive and not reactive on your talent strategy, and think tactically about employee fit as it aligns with your business Vision, Mission, and Goals.

Thom Webster