? It's Always Gritty in Philadelphia

May 20, 2021

Grit AND Gumption

I’ve always loved the saying, “Grit & Gumption” and this weekend while reading an article on Jill Biden it was used to not only describe her but also Philadelphians. I thought that was so fitting. Often, we see Philadelphians described by using the term “Grit” and well Gritty, aka the Flyers mascot, but I really loved the addition of “Gumption.” Grit means ‘courage of resolve.” Totally agree with that descriptor of the Philadelphia spirit but add to it gumption which means “spirited initiative and resourcefulness,” well yes, yes, yes.

All you have to do is look at Philadelphia’s long list of firsts:

· First Computer

· First Hospital

· First Public Library

· First Art Museum

· First Stock Exchange

You get the idea. The list could go on and on (I have a whole book), but the unifying theme is that all these firsts take grit and gumption.

As an entrepreneur, technologist, scientist or creative to truly recreate our collective new normal, it will take Grit AND Gumption. You need the fortitude that comes with Grit but also you need the ingenuity that comes with Gumption.

Tracy Brala