Before you open this, take a deep breath ?

April 29, 2021

Know better—Do better

Over the weekend, I saw a post from our friends at The Opt-in. If you don’t recall, The Opt-In is a thought-provoking podcast, learning community and culture-shifting consulting practice that guides people and organizations to transformation and increases their racial literacy.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.
-Maya Angelou, American Poet & Civil Rights Activist

“Regretting the past won’t change it. Dwelling on how we behaved when we were less educated is misdirected energy that could be spend on building from where we are now.

In the early part of this journey, you may come up against shame, guilt, remorse, even deep self-loathing. We’ve found that staying in that place is counterproductive. We have to love ourselves through the painful awakening to propel us into the personal transformation that awaits.

Opt-In and be kind to yourself as it will ripple out to others. @TheOptIn

We are not perfect, and we shouldn’t aspire to be perfect. We should however aspire to model a growth mindset where we continue to learn and promote positive change.

Yesterday was a great day for me as I got my second shot (#TeamPfizer) and am thrilled to join the vaccinated community. I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited for a shot in my entire life!

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Tracy Brala